Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in “2N1: Desert Beige” // Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer // Tarte Shape Tape in “Fair Neutral” // Lawless Seal the Deal Setting Powder // Benefit Hoola Bronzer // Anastasia Bronzer // NARS Blush in “Orgasm” // MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in “Soft and Gentle”


Urban Decay Primer Potion in “Eden” // Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in “Taupe” // Juvia’s Place The Nubian II Palette // Anastasia Sultry Palette // MAC Eyeshadows in “Saddle” and “Nylon” // Kat Von D Tattoo Liner // NARS Climax Mascara // Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious // MILK Makeup Kush Mascara // Ardell Wispies


Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in “Pillow Talk” // Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss in “Sugar Sugar” // Lawless Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Cameron” and “Jake” // Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in “Bitch Perfect” // LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask


Duo Brush-On Lash Glue (Latex-Free) // Beauty Blender Pro // Sigma Brush Set // Morphe Blending Brush



I hate washing my hair. I love taking a good hot shower morning and night, but I absolutely despise washing my hair. When your hair is as fine as mine is, it gets pretty hard to go too long without looking like you put bacon grease directly on your roots. Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement but you get the point. I’ve been on the hunt for the best dry shampoo I can get my hands on because ya girl loves dirty hair sans the whole looks-smells-and-feels-dirty part. That’s not asking for too much, right?

My problem with most dry shampoos is that they have an intense smell. No one wants gross smelling hair, I get it. But I also don’t want to walk around smelling like I poured a whole bottle of floral perfume on my hair when I woke up- it gives me headaches. But I also want something that smells nice, just not strong. Once again, is that too much to ask for?

Oh and I need volume. Lots and lots of volume. Fine hair also tends to be synonymous with flat hair, and this Texas girl ain’t here for flat hair. If a dry shampoo doesn’t give me killer volume, it’s a waste in my book.

For a long time, I just used magnolia-scented baby powder in my hair as dry shampoo. I loved the smell and it wasn’t too strong, plus the baby powder gave a decent amount of volume and soaked up any excess oil or grease in my roots. I can get away with using baby powder unless my roots are grown out… then it just looks like I am prematurely greying. Plus the powder ends up all over my bathroom floor and counter and then I look like I spend all my free time doing blow in my bathroom. Oops.

Then I met Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam. My first thought was, “yeah, not putting wet foam in my dry hair roots. You’re crazy, Sephora lady.” But, she convinced me to try it anyway and I walked out with a bottle.

YOU GUYS. This is life changing. One little dollop of foam removes oil, product buildup and gives the most volume I’ve ever gotten from ANY product. I use this when my hair is actually clean just for volume! The best part? It works for literally ALL hair types- straight, curly, wavy, blonde, black, red, you name it! It’s not made from powders like many other dry shampoos, so absolutely ZERO white residue in your hair is left.

Also, it legit smells like Tom Ford perfume, but the smell isn’t too strong either. Just a little bit of the foam goes a long way, which I love because I don’t like repurchasing hair product all the time. You will definitely get your money’s worth out of it!

Hate washing your hair too? Run, don’t walk to pick up this stuff. I won’t tell anyone you haven’t actually washed your hair… it can be our dirty little secret.

I’ve linked a few of my other favorite hair styling products below so you can go even longer without washing your hair. Dirty hair for everyone!!!



one // Laneige Kiss and Makeup Set

     I can’t live without this stuff!

two // Drunk Elephant Babyfacial

     Tons of raving reviews.

three // Slip silk eye mask

     For luxe beauty sleep.

four // Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette

     Possibly my favorite palette EVER.

five // MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in “Soft and Gentle”

     The best highlighter. Also love the color “Global Glow.”

six // Mario Badescu facial mist trio

     One for every mood.

seven // Beauty Blender

     A staple.

eight // Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask

     Ultra hydrating for stressed-out skin.

nine // Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

     Looks amazing on everyone.

ten // Lawless Beauty liquid lipstick in “Cameron”

     My daily go-to color.

eleven // Skin Gym rose quartz facial roller

     Also love a good ice roller.

twelve // Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette

     Can’t go wrong with any color — I love the “rock chick.”

thirteen // NARS lip gloss in “Sixties Fan”

     My favorite for a subtle kiss of color (it’s not as dark as it seems!)

fourteen // Urban Decay Born to Run palette

     So many fun colors!

fifteen // Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen

     Beauty begins within! Other flavors available also.



Platinum hair has been “in” for a while, and that’s no secret. From high school and through most of college I kept my blonde tone anywhere from strawberry to golden and never thought I’d vary from that. I jumped on the icy train quickly and switched to cool toned blonde around the time I moved to New York, and since then I’ve gotten questions about how I keep my hair cool and light.

MY ANSWER? Patience, for one.


If your hair isn’t light blonde to begin with, it’s best to take your time with lightening it so you don’t damage your hair (if you do, I have solutions.) If you have any sort of red in your hair, be it from your natural color or from dye, the process of getting that cool tone is going to be trickier. Work with a stylist that is skilled with blondes and you’ll be just fine!

Now, there are two ways you can lighten your hair — highlights or bleach and tone. It is probably safe to say that most strikingly ice platinum blondes do bleach and tone, where bleach is applied all over and then toned to the right color. If you’re going for dramatic, this may be the way to go. If you like more dimension in your hair, you’ll want to opt for highlights, which is what I do.


There are several things I do for my highlights to give the all-over color feel while maintaining dimension. First, my stylist in Houston does heavy slices of highlights as opposed to weaving them. This is better if your hair is already light so you don’t have stripes. I also alternate doing full highlights and partial. I like my color to be bright around my face as well, so sometimes I’ll have my stylist lightly brighten the roots all around my hairline on my face. This is what works for me, and I always recommend talking everything over with your stylist to create the look that is best for your hair and what you’re going for!


If you want an icy, cool toned blonde, you may need to tone your hair.  I recommend opting for a toner that is grey, purple, or blue. Think about it like a color wheel. Purple is the opposite of yellow, so it will cancel out the yellow tones. Blue is the opposite of orange, so it will cancel out the orange tones. I’ll get more into those later!

I tend to favor more of a silver/grey tone to my hair, but I actually haven’t been toning it lately. I’ve been seeing Melanie at N Salon recently and she recommended not toning my hair, and I’ve loved the results so far. She just highlights and uses a purple shampoo on me. This is exactly why it’s best to talk through what your goals with your hair are with your stylist — they can recommend the best process for YOUR hair. 


Keeping your hair icy doesn’t end at the salon, unfortunately. Lucky for you, I’ve found an arsenal of products that help me maintain my color and banish gross, yellow brassiness.


This one is probably a no-brainer. You’ve likely heard to use a purple shampoo to get rid of brassy tones. I’ve tried a few, and my biggest complaint with most that I’ve tried is that they never seem to feel like they actually clean my hair. I don’t wash my hair often, so I want it to feel clean no matter what shampoo I use, and I really don’t want to wash it twice to get that feeling. 

I use the Joico Color Balance purple shampoo because it miraculously does give that clean feeling and just the right amount of color. I’ve heard great things about the Fanola No Yellow shampoo, but I have yet to try it. 


This is what I use when I want a dramatically “cooler” look. I have both the pastel purple color and pastel silver. The pastel purple deposits a little too much color for my liking, so I usually stick with the pastel silver. The ends of my hair soak up color very easily, so the silver gives the cool tone without straight up turning my hair a different color. 

They have a ton of different colors so if you’re trying to maintain red, rose gold, or virtually any other color, they have something for you! 


I don’t use this frequently either, because it also deposits quite a bit of purple color. However, I like to use it when I want my color to look amazing in photos. It also smells AMAZING which is always a plus. It’s definitely great for a little extra boost when needed! 

That’s about it! As I’ve mentioned a few times, it’s always best to work with your stylist on your color. They’ll be your ultimate resource for the results you’re looking for. Have you tried any of these products, or what are your secrets for keeping blonde color cool? Thank you for reading! 




I don’t think it’s any secret that I highlight my hair- and with bleach comes damage. Whether you color your hair or not, it can be hard to maintain healthy hair. I’ve been coloring and highlighting my hair for about 10 years now, and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to keep my hair strong, even through my transition to platinum.




I mean, please wash your hair. Just don’t do it as often. I only wash my hair MAX twice a week. This allows for your natural oils to run through your hair and keep it moisturized. I definitely understand it can be hard to just switch to not washing your hair as often, but build yourself up to it. Add an extra day between washing your hair each time you wash it until you’re only washing it once or twice a week. I PROMISE you can do it! Get a good dry shampoo (I’ve got a post on my favorite one coming up!) and you’re good to go. If you’re blonde, baby powder works great too. Eventually, your hair will stop getting “greasy” or “oily” plus you won’t be putting as many harsh chemicals on your hair, it’s a win-win!



I only use salon quality products on my hair, and I only purchase them from a salon or beauty store like Ulta, Sephora or Nordstrom where you know you’re getting the real deal. Don’t ever buy higher-end products from a drug store, Walmart, Target, etc, you don’t know what’s really in them.

For shampoo and conditioner, I recommend getting a product that is strengthening. I love Joico K-Pak shampoo and conditioner for colored hair so I don’t risk stripping out my toner that keeps my hair cool-toned. They have a version for colored hair and non-colored, so make sure you pick up the right one.

If your hair is already damaged and you’re trying to repair it, you will want some sort of damage therapy leave-in treatment. I use Aveda Damage Remedy, it’s also a heat protectant for an added bonus. I run this through my hair evenly, making sure it gets it all.

If you’re not one for blowdrying your hair, then great! No heat — that’s perfect. I can’t air-dry my hair. I hate it. It gets a weird texture, and I’m not about it. So since I’m inevitably going to put heat on my hair, I make sure to do it in a healthy-ish way. Aka a GOOD hairdryer. You may have a stroke at the price, but my last hair dryer lasted me for almost 10 years before it shot fire out of it. That was a fun day. Anyway, I use a slightly older version of this T3 hairdryer. I got mine at Costco for a bit cheaper, so check there first if you have a membership. They also have a mini version that’s cheaper too. My hair dries a lot faster now with this dryer and faster drying = less damage.

I also try to avoid styling my hair with a curling iron or straightener. I have naturally straight hair, so all I have to do is give it a 30-second hairdryer blast to smooth out any kinks. I also recommend sleeping with your hair in a bun with a crocodile clip or in a braid to keep it from getting tangly and breaking in your sleep.


O L A P L E X.

If you don’t know, now you know. This is the MAJOR secret. Ask your stylist about mixing Olaplex in with your color and also doing an Olaplex treatment. It will do WONDERS on your hair. This is truly the gamechanger in my hair-health routine. I have Olaplex added every time I highlight my hair, and I use the No.3 treatment at home. You know how chocolate can mend a broken heart? Olaplex can mend your broken hair. Okay now I’m just being dramatic, but, you need this.


By now, you’ve probably heard of sleeping with a satin pillowcase to prevent breakage. If not, this is a thing. And you should do it. My satin pillowcase is from Savvy Sleepers and I kinda want one in every color… is that too much?

I’ve also become hooked on these Invisibobble hair ties. They look like telephone cords and are actually super cute in your hair. More importantly, though, they don’t pull on your hair as much or rip hair out of your head, and they’re less likely to leave those dreaded kinks in your hair. They even make tiny ones for smaller sections of hair if you’re a fine-haired babe like me.


Get regular haircuts. If your hair is super damaged on the ends, cut it off. Even if it’s several inches. I promise your locks will grow back quicker than you think and won’t be constantly breaking anymore. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, this is way more important than you would think. My hair grows stupid fast and it’s solely because I keep my ends from getting damaged so it won’t break off. Also, those tiny hairs you see around my face are baby hairs, not breakage. I’ve had them for forever and they drive me nuts, but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s definitely not impossible to color/highlight your hair AND keep it healthy. Last time I got my hair highlighted my bae Chris said he’s never felt my hair so healthy ever before. For context, he’s been coloring my hair since I was 14. I’ve done A LOT to my hair with him — basically every shade of blonde, brunette, and even a short stint with red hair. This is by far the lightest my hair has ever been and also the HEALTHIEST. So it’s possible! Don’t let yourself believe otherwise.

And that’s all my tips! I have more hair-themed posts coming soon, including one on dry shampoo and how I keep my hair cool toned. If there are any other hair type posts you wanna see, definitely let me know! I also wanna know if you try out any of these tips and they help. You can always email me if you wanna chat or have more specific questions. All my luck with transitioning into not washing your hair! ♡



If you know me at all, you know I can’t resist walking into Sephora as soon as I see it. (Okay honestly I pretty much run as soon as I see it.) Lucky for all of us, Sephora’s Spring Sale is back, BUT it ends today. I decided to round up some of my favorite or “must-have” products for you to snag before the sale ends tonight. Today is my 23rd birthday, so I had no shame clicking “add to cart” on a few items as a little birthday present to myself.


First off, you need to be a Beauty Insider to participate in the sale. You can sign up here. Once you sign up and have your items all in your cart, you’ll want to enter the code for which level Beauty Insider you are.

Beauty Insiders: 10% off everything with code YAYINSIDER

VIB: 15% off everything with code YAYVIB

Rouge: 15% off everything with code YAYROUGE


INVISIBOBBLE // These are my favorite hair ties! They look way cute in your hair and don’t leave a crimp.

KOPARI COCONUT BODY GLOW // I want anything and everything that will make me glow AND smell like a tropical paradise.

LAURA MERCIER TRANSLUCENT POWDER // I always need more powder. Always. #OilySkinProbs

NARS POWERMATTE LIP PIGMENT // This liquid lipstick does. not. budge. I have the shade “Get It On” because I’m incapable of resisting a cheeky color name.

ANASTASIA DIPBROW POMADE // This is the secret to amazing brows.

T3 HAIR DRYER // I have an older model of this hair dryer, but it’s made a HUGE difference in my hair. (aka I dislike washing my hair a little bit less now)

ANASTASIA GLOW KIT // Does anyone else want to bathe in highlight? Just me? Ok.

DR. DENNIS GROSS ALPHA BETA PEEL PADS // Every time I use these my skin feels BOMB. Read more about why you should get these here.

KATE SOMERVILLE EXFOLIKATE // I use this in the shower, turn the water heat all the way up (I enjoy burning my skin off it’s fine), and then enjoy the steam for a couple minutes before washing it off.


SOL DE JANEIRO BRAZILIAN CRUSH FRAGRANCE MIST // I just wanna smell like summer all the time.

DR. JART ALL THAT CONTOURS SHEET MASK // I’ve heard this sheet mask is similar to getting Botox, so I will report back with results. Sidebar — I got Botox almost 2 months ago and I’m working on a post about that experience!

NARS CREAMY CONCEALER // This concealer has a cult following, and since I’m almost out of my beloved Tarte Shape Tape I decided I would give this a try.

ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR FOUNDATION // This is a repurchase for me! I love this foundation because it has great coverage but also feels super light.

If I had it my way, I would probably purchase just about everything during this sale. BUT I’ve done a little too much #treatyoself this month (birthday month so it’s justified?) so I had to limit myself a bit. Let me know what you’re picking up for yourself from the sale — be sure to hurry, it ends tonight!



sunglasses // dress (similar) // denim shirt (similar) // handbag // sneakers (similar) other similar

Spring is just around the corner (uhh next week hello? Where has 2018 gone?) Spring is by far my favorite season, and we’ve already started to get a little taste of warmer weather here in Austin. My favorite part of a new season starting is all the new trends to try out. I’ve rounded up all of my favorite spring trends for 2018 and breaking down my picks for you.


This is probably my favorite of the trends – sheer everything please.



Might not be the most comfortable look as the weather gets warmer, but satin has a classic and elegant look to it that can step up any outfit.



Smocked pieces always have a playful and childlike feel to me, which is one of the reasons I love this look for spring.



Gimme all the metallics, all the time.



I definitely think this trend will die out faster than others, but I’m loving the look right now.



Notable colors for the season: dusty pastels, bold prints, lavender, red & pink combo and “gen Z yellow” (Is it really the next millennial pink?)



I might sprain my ankle again in some of these, but I’ll look good doing it at least. Chunky “Dad” sneakers are also in- dig out your Skechers for some Balenciaga vibes.


Keep an eye out for fringe, square necklines, punk styles and the 90s making a major comeback as well this season. I don’t know about you, but so far I’m loving all of these trends and super excited for spring to begin. What are your favorite spring trends this year? Let me know on my latest insta!



New York City Guide | The Lipstick Tales

There’s a reason why they call it “the greatest city in the world.” There is no limit of things to do or see in New York, which was one of my favorite things about living there. In my 5 months of time that I called myself a New Yorker, I explored and visited everything I could and had some of the best experiences of my life. If you’re headed to New York for a week, month, a year or even just a weekend, here are some of my favorite things to do and see!

Where to Eat

I’m going to apologize in advance for this being one of the longest sections… there is SO much good food in New York.

Ilili – Probably my favorite meal I’ve had in New York. Amazing Mediterranean/Lebanese tapas. Get the brussel sprouts and the beef fried kibbeh.

Beauty & Essex – It’s a speakeasy, and they give you free champagne in the bathroom. Go for brunch, get the pancakes and the grilled cheese/tomato soup things.

Tao – This place can get kind of touristy, but it’s a fun place to go and it is always crowded.

Vandal – This restaurant is inspired by street food and street art, and everything I ate here was amazing. I loved the Bao Buns.

Pietro Nolita – A pink as f* restaurant with amazing cocktails and pasta. It’s tiny, they don’t take reservations and only take cash or AMEX so plan ahead. No shortage of Instagram-able moments here.

Catch NYC – Super fun seafood restaurant in the middle of the Meatpacking district. Great food, and there’s a rooftop bar if you just want to go for drinks.

Cacio e Pepe – Pasta made in a cheese wheel. Enough said.

Totto Ramen – My favorite ramen I ate in the city. Cash only, no takeout and no delivery which is kind of a bummer but the food is delicious.

Fig and Olive – Get the truffle pasta, thank me later.

Junior’s – Go to the original one in Brooklyn, it’s less touristy. Get the cheesecake, they’re famous for it.

Gran Electrica – Cute restaurant in Dumbo with great street tacos. I might be in love with the wallpaper.

Balthazar – Very touristy spot, but great food nonetheless. Go for lunch instead of dinner.

Piccola Cucina – Amazing pasta in Soho.

Deux Amis – The most authentic and best French food. The Coq au Vin was to die for.

Quality Meats – I’m not a big meat eater, and I loved this place. That being said, I got the lobster but everything I tried was great.

Jing Fong Restaurant – If you’re looking for a truly authentic Chinatown experience, this is the place to go.

Gramercy Tavern – I only went here for a drink, but this place is so cute and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the food.

Boqueria – Nutella churros. That’s all I have to say about that.

The Smith – The best mac n cheese I have ever experienced in my life.

NoMo Kitchen – This restaurant has a beautiful view at sunset. Bonus points if you can tell me what the scent in the hotel lobby is.

Don Antonio – I actually heard about this place from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and decided to stop by for a post-theatre meal. It was amazing.

Pizza Beach – This place will transport you to a beachside pizza shack, but in the middle of Manhattan. Oh, and you’ll get some amazing pizza.

Quick Bites

Juice Generation – Don’t ask me how many PB Acai bowls I ate in 5 months from here.

Sweetgreen – I was a self-proclaimed salad hater until I ate here.

Chop’t – The Kebab Cobb salad is my all-time favorite salad ever.

Shake Shack in Madison Square Park – Burgers with a beautiful view? Yes, please.

By Chloe – It’s vegan food, but don’t let that keep you away. It’s amazing, and you won’t even miss the meat or cheese.

The Bagel Store – The rainbow bagels you’ve seen everywhere. They taste more like donuts to me TBH, but they’re fun.

Ess a Bagel – AMAZING bagels. It’s a mom and pop type place that I lived way too close to for my own health. There’s almost always a line out the door, so plan ahead.

Joe’s Pizza – Some of the best cheap pizza in the city. Don’t go to New York without making a stop here.

Cheese Grille – A restaurant devoted to grilled cheese. I think you get my point here.

Liquiteria – My other favorite smoothie/acai bowl place.

Good for drinks

While We Were Young – The cutest little spot in West Village, with the best cocktail I’ve ever had.

Mr. Purple – Amazing views of the city from the Lower East Side, great drinks, plus, they gave us free cheese puffs the first time we were there.

Westlight – An amazing view of the city from Williamsburg.

Sweet & Vicious – Really fun bar in Nolita.

Bar SixtyFive – Don’t pay to go to Top of the Rock, make a reservation here and go for drinks. You’ll pay less for the same amazing view, and get a drink out of it.

Ghost Donkey – We went here for the popsicle prosecco drinks, but the nachos looked bomb too.

Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar – Gossip Girl fan? Me too. This place is a must-see if you are.


Baked by Melissa – Tiny [expensive] delicious cupcakes.

 Carlo’s Bakery – Yes, the one from the TV show. They have great cannolis.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory – Amazing (egg free!!!!) ice cream with a beautiful view of the city.

Holey Cream – Ice cream sandwich made with a donut. You’ll gain 5 pounds but it’s worth it.

Do – Yes, this is the cookie dough place you’ve seen on Facebook. IMO, it’s not worth waiting more than 30 minutes for. Go on a weekday for a shorter wait time.

Big Gay Ice Cream – The ice cream is as fun as the name suggests.

Magnolia Bakery – Get the banana pudding, it is divine.

Laduree – This place is definitely touristy, but they have the best macarons.

What to See/Do

Broadway – Hands down my favorite thing to do in the city. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on tickets, go to the TKTS booth in Times Square. Not all shows will be available here but you can get a really good deal.

Top of the Rock – If you want a great view of the Empire State Building, this is where to go.

One World Observatory – Be sure to go on a clear day, and this view is breathtaking.

Brooklyn Flea & Smorgasburg – Why wouldn’t you want to snack on a ramen burger and browse a flea market?

Paintbox Nails – If you want a really fun manicure, this is the place to go! I got the gel design and it lasted for more than 3 weeks.

Chelsea Market – A fun, indoor market with great food and some shopping.

The High Line – The High Line is an abandoned train track turned into a park and runs along the west side of the island. I love walking the High Line and then stopping at Chelsea Market for lunch.

Central Park – You will get lost in here, and it will be worth it. One of my favorite days spent in NYC was walking through the park after a blizzard came through and playing in the snow.

MoMA – I’m a huge fan of modern art, so this museum is always one of my favorites.

The Met – To truly conquer this museum, you need to devote an entire day to it. There is so much to see!

The Whitney – Several floors of this museum were closed when I visited, but it is definitely the “trendy” art museum to visit right now.

9/11 Memorial and Museum – While very somber, this is definitely a must-see on a trip to the city.

DUMBO – My favorite quaint little area of Brooklyn! You can find great views of the city, the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge here. Not to mention there is a cute carousel on the shoreline!

Brooklyn Bridge – I took almost every person that visited me to walk the Brooklyn bridge because it is so fun. I loved walking across from Manhattan and then exploring Dumbo, but you also get beautiful views if you walk from Brooklyn over to Manhattan.

Shopping – Let’s be honest, what’s a trip to New York without shopping? Soho and Fifth Ave are great spots, but they can get really crowded. There’s no shortage of it in New York, with great shopping areas in Soho, Fifth Ave, Flatiron District, West Village and the Upper East Side just to name a few. Soho can get pretty crowded but it was always my go-to spot for shopping! Also be sure to check for any sample sales going on when you’re visiting to score a great deal!

PHEW. This may have been the longest post I’ve ever written! Obviously, there are TONS of great things to see and do in New York and there is no way I could have included them all. If you’re visiting there soon, please send the city my love.


2016 Favorites | The Lipstick Tales

2016 Favorites Close Up | The Lipstick Tales

Now that 2016 has come to a close, (thankfully!) I wanted to share my favorite products from the year! I tried to pick products that I wore on any “average day” and include as many makeup categories as I could. Some of these are different from my current favorites since I purchased some new products, but I wanted to keep this post true to what I wore most throughout the year.

On to my 2016 favorites!


NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint – This is my favorite foundation for warm, humid months (aka the whole year in Texas!) My skin is oily so I always reach for a matte finish! However, in the past week this CC cream has become my new favorite since it is more moisturizing.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer – I love this concealer for covering undereye circles. I’m convinced I’m actually nocturnal, so I frequently need a heavy duty concealer to cover up those dreaded circles.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette – If you’re looking for a good contour palette, hands down get this one. I used the Anastasia Contour Palette previously, and the Kat Von D has better color payoff and looks less powdery and chalky. She recently released a refillable palette which I’ll be purchasing when I use this one all up!

NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in ‘Fervor’ – This blush duo has been my go-to the whole year, and I love that you can get 3 different colors out of it by using either color or mixing the two. The colors are really intense and incredibly flattering.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in ‘Soft and Gentle’ – I’ve had this bad boy for 5 years now, and I’m just now getting to where I’ll need to repurchase it soon! It’s a bit pricey, but worth the money. I always get compliments on my highlight when I’m wearing this, it’s an all-time favorite.


NARS Duo Eyeshadow in ‘Kalahari’ – If you look closely, you can tell I put a pretty massive dent in the lighter (left side) of the two colors. It’s pretty safe to say that I wore this eyeshadow most days of the year! I frequently paired it with NARS ‘Coconut Grove’ in the crease and MAC ‘Nylon’ as a highlight.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – This liner has been my favorite for YEARS. It has a cult following for a reason! Its the only liquid liner that I’ve found that doesn’t dry out on the tip, which is important for getting a sharp wing.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – Another longtime favorite of mine! I love this mascara for lengthening, separating and lifting lashes.

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara – This is a mascara I discovered this year. The price tag is pretty high, but I’m obsessed with the dramatic look it gives to your lashes! It quickly overtook Roller Lash as my top favorite mascara.

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner Pencil in ‘Fling’ – For majority of the year this is what I used to fill in my brows, but I have recently switched over to the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in ‘Ash Brown.’ I love that this pencil has a spoolie on the other end which is super helpful when doing your brows.


Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in ‘Bitch Perfect’ – I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite lipstick ever. I’m getting pretty close to using the entire thing up, which I’ve never done to a lipstick before! I pretty much carry this lipstick with me at all times, I love it that much. All of Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks have a gorgeous finish, so try one if you haven’t!

Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks in ‘Frick N’ Frack’ and ‘Times Square’ – Liquid Lipsticks blew up this past year, and I am close to trying all of the popular brands. In my opinion, the Kylie liquid lipsticks are overrated and overpriced. I love the Colourpop liquid lipsticks in both the matte and satin finish, and they are SO much cheaper than most other liquid lipsticks and have a huge range of colors. I wore these two most over the past year.


Gucci Guilty – I have several different perfumes and I love switching up my scent depending on my mood. I go for warmer scents that are more “nighttime” than “daytime,” and this one was my favorite for the year. I actually have the Gucci Guilty Intense version, which is “more provocative and sensual” according to Sephora. Essentially it’s just a more intense version of the original!

What were your favorites throughout the year? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing everyone’s favorite products! I’m also going to be doing a full-face makeup video VERY soon to show exactly how I do my makeup everyday, so let me know what kind of look you’d like to see as well!

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Hair Routine | The Lipstick Tales

Living Proof: Shampoo, Conditioner | Pureology: Shampoo, Conditioner | Kevin Murphy: Shampoo, Conditioner | Aveda: Shampoo, Conditioner | Pureology Root Lift | Pureology Strength Cure | Spornette Round Brush | Moroccanoil Hairspray

Just a couple days ago, my sweet friend Tori asked me for all my hair product recommendations, and she inspired me to write an updated hair routine post! Thanks, Tori 😉

I have very fine chemically treated hair, so the products I use are catered to my hair’s needs. If your hair is thick and curly, these products may not work for you! Always use products for your specific hair type, and if you’re not sure if you have fine or coarse hair or what your hair type is, ask your stylist!

With that being said, make sure to ALWAYS buy your salon-quality hair products from salons ONLY or somewhere like Sephora, Ulta or Nordstrom where you know you’re getting the real deal. Don’t ever buy salon hair products from the drug store, or somewhere like Walmart or Target, because you could be getting a fake or expired product.

Now, onto the good stuff.


I like to switch out my shampoo and conditioner when I run out of one type so that my hair doesn’t get too used to a product. One of my all time favorites is Living Proof No Frizz, which is great for frizzy hair or if you live somewhere where humidity is a problem! Currently, I’m using Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Aveda Damage Remedy Conditioner. I absolutely love the way that Aveda products smell, and I wanted something that would protect and heal my highlighted locks. If your hair is colored in any way, you’ll want to be sure that you’re using color safe products, so your color doesn’t get stripped out of your hair.

For blondes specifically, I also love Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum. The shampoo has a blue tint to it that helps tone your blonde when you wash. Blue tint will cancel out orange tones, and purple tint will cancel out yellow. I also use a purple shampoo about once a week to keep brassy color out of my hair. My blonde tends to pull yellow, especially around when it’s time to get my highlights done again, and purple shampoo helps fix the color back to how I like it.

Styling Products

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of using styling products. I’m always hesitant to put something on the ends of my hair out of fear it will weigh my poor fine hair down. However, I’ve fixed this traditional “limp” fine hair problem with Pureology Root Lift. This is a root lifting spray that you spray directly into your roots when your hair is damp before blowdrying. As the name suggests, it lifts the roots of your hair, preventing hair from falling flat and it also helps absorb oil!

If i’m going to use anything on the ends of my hair, I make sure that it’s something that is strengthening and will help prevent breakage. I love using Pureology Strength Cure Split End Salve, but I don’t use it every time I wash my hair so that I’m not adding too much protein back into my hair.

When drying my hair, I style it with this Spornette round brush. The thing I love about this brush is that the barrel of the brush is longer, which makes it easier for styling your own hair. Using a round brush can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it!

I love finishing off a look with Moroccanoil hair spray, mainly because the scent is to die for! In between washes, I also use dry shampoo. I didn’t include a specific one in the post because I haven’t quite found one that I absolutely love yet! Every one I’ve tried has just seemed kind of  “eh” to me, or I get incredibly tired of the scent. I’ve been using this one lately and I like it, but I’m getting a little tired of the smell. If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments!

I can be a bit of a diva when it comes to my hair, but I think it’s worth it to keep it in good shape! Have you tried any of these products or which are your favorites?



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