In true Taurus form, I love all things cozy + comfy. I’m at my happiest when I’m wrapped in a blanket, glass of wine in hand, and my favorite candle burning. There’s nothing better than receiving a gift that you know you’ll use every day because of how luxurious it is. These are my picks for those in your life who love #selfcare.

01 / Cozy Pajamas
I live in these. Joking, but not.

02 / Tyler’s Candle in High Maintenance
The scent is aptly named. This is my favorite candle of all time.

03 / Noise machine
For someone who really loves sleep.

04 / Aesop Soap
For someone who needs luxe in every corner of their home.

05 / Slippers
Memory. Foam. Slippers. Need I say more?

06 / Candle accessory set
For someone who has everything.

07 / Heating pad
I don’t know how I ever lived without one.

08 / Memory foam pillow
For someone who really loves sleep: part two.

09 / Ullo wine purifier
No wine headaches, please.

10 / Mug
You can’t go wrong with a good mug.

11 / Barefoot Dreams Blanket
The hype is real, y’all. This blanket is worth EVERY PENNY.



It’s that time of year again! We’re one week into December, and gift-buying crunch time is coming soon. These are my picks for stocking stuffers for the beauty lover in your life!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo
Read: The best dry shampoo ever.

Tula Primer
You can’t go wrong with a blurred look.

Bio Oil
Tried and true. Good for keeping dry skin at bay.

Real Techniques Beauty Sponge
WAY better than the Beauty Blender, and it’s a fraction of the price.

Lime Crime Metallic Velvetines
One of my favorite lippies for the winter season.

Slip Small Silk Scrunchies
Makes me feel a little less bad about wearing my hair up so much.

OPI Nail Polish in “Let’s Be Friends”
The most flattering nail polish EVER. Buy one (or three) for everyone.

Lime Crime Venus XS Vixen Palette
These shadows are super-pigmented, and this palette is travel (and stocking) friendly.

Ouai Hair Oil
If for nothing else, it smells AMAZING.

Morphe Lip Gloss in Flower Child
Gimme alllll the peach tones.

Lilly Lashes in “Miami”
I usually opt for Ardell lashes, but these babies are worth the price.



all my secrets for longer lashes | vital blonde | by hunter wuensche

It seems I’m asked at least once a day, “are your lashes real?” Most of the time, my answer is yes. I don’t have lash extensions, but I do wear fake lashes on occasion (more on those in a bit). My natural lashes are quite long to begin with, but I’m a firm believer that with a little patience and a lot of mascara, anyone can get envy-worthy lashes. Wondering how to get the look of longer lashes? I’m dishing the secrets.

all my secrets for longer lashes | mascara | vital blonde | by hunter wuensche


Are you ready for the secret? It’s pretty simple, actually. Just use more than one mascara. Most mascaras are designed to give different results — some are great for adding volume, some are great for adding length, etc. I have tried many a mascara, both high-end and drugstore, and I have yet to find one magical mascara that does it all. 

I typically use two different mascaras. The first one will separate the lashes and add length. The second one gives that “wow” volume. I also used to be an avid user of only high-end mascaras, but now I mostly use drugstore mascara.


It’s the same thing. Truth be told, the actual formula of each mascara does not differ from tube to tube. The black stuff is basically the same ish. The difference is in the brush/applicator and in the stopper that controls how much product gets on the applicator. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather pay 1/3 of the price if I’m gonna get the same thing and splurge on other products.


My go-to right now for the “base” or 1st layer mascara is Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious in “blackest black.” This mascara is AMAZING. It even adds a teeny bit of volume, so if I have a fresh tube of this stuff I can almost get away with just using one mascara for the look I like. 

Another great base is the L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara. Y’all, this mascara has a cult following FOR A REASON. It’s amazing for separating and and lengthening lashes. If I’m using this one, I use it first and then follow with the Maybelline I previously mentioned.

My second layer mascara is L’Oreal Lash Paradise, also in “blackest black.” This one gives allllll the volume. Gimme gimme. Another reason I don’t like to shell out all the $$ for high-end mascara? This one is a dupe for Too Faced Better Than Sex. It’s the same thing — just a fraction of the price. 

For something more high-end, I decided to try the NARS Climax mascara recently, and I actually like it a lot. I’m a sucker for packaging, so that’s what really drew me in for this one. I don’t like using this one on it’s own, but it’s really great when paired with the Maybelline mascara I mentioned previously for an “everyday” look. This mascara is also a good “base” mascara, and it’s particularly great at separating your lashes and giving definition to them so they don’t look clumpy.

Those three are just the ones in my current lash rotation, but there are others I also like. I pretty much always stick to Maybelline and L’Oreal mascaras as far as brands go. I’ll link a few others I’ve tried and liked at the end of the post! If you MUST go high-end for mascara, opt for Lancome Hypnose Drama or Benefit Roller Lash or They’re Real, or the NARS Climax I’ve been using. Other honorable mentions are Milk Makeup Kush Mascara and Lancome Monsieur Big.

all my secrets for longer lashes | fake lashes | vital blonde | by hunter wuensche


I have yet to hop on the bandwagon of lash extensions. I’m terrified of destroying my lashes as they are now since they’re already quite long and always have been. However, I do wear fake lashes from time to time since they don’t damage your lashes as long as they’re applied correctly. I also love the feeling of a totally clean face — if I’m taking my makeup off I want it ALL off. 

I tend to go through periods of time where I’ll wear falsies literally every day, and then not wear them at all for weeks. I can typically get roughly five or so wears out of each pair, considering that Stevie doesn’t find them and eat them first. We’ve had a few incidents of that. 

I also don’t like to buy high-end lashes. I’ve tried Huda Beauty lashes and while they look gorgeous, the band is quite thick and heavy and just makes me want to rip my eyelids off. I am a Taurus through and through and while I love high-end, I can’t justify spending $20+ on lashes that end up making me a crazy person by the end of the day. However, I do like these and these for particularly fancy occasions.

I LOVE Ardell lashes. They’re cheap, there’s tons of styles, and you can buy them in multi-packs most of the time. My favorites are the Wispies and Double Wispies for a more dramatic look. Because you know, I love a dramatic lash look. I typically buy Wispies in a four pack and it will last me a month or two before I need more.

One thing about fake lashes if you’ve never used them: you have to have glue to apply them. Most lash glue typically contains latex. I’m allergic to latex, so I opt for the Duo non-latex glue which works like a charm. The original glue works great as well, but it makes me want to scratch my eyes off. 

all my secrets for longer lashes | lash serum lash boost | vital blonde | by hunter wuensche


YES, you can grow your real lashes! My absolute FAVORITE lash serum that I will now never go without is Rodan + Fields Lash Boost. I have a few friends who sell R+F, and I heard great things about the product, so I decided to give it a try to support them as well.

Oh. My. Word. I didn’t think my natural lashes could get better. They were already long, and I TRUTHFULLY didn’t think any serum could make a big difference, but it did. My lashes are fuller and a bit longer. They seriously look as good as my falsies with just a few swipes of mascara! I don’t have a link for you to this product, but I would reach out to someone you know who sells R+F and tell them you want some lash boost! If you don’t know anyone who sells it, send me an Instagram DM and I’ll connect you with someone!

Another lash serum that I’ve tried is Latisse. Latisse is made by Allergan, which is the pharma company I used to work for, and it requires a prescription in a few states including Texas and New York. 

I know a few people who have seen great results from using this, but I’ve never really used it consistently enough to see results. It also has some possible side effects (like turning your eye color more brown) that I’m not fond of. This did not happen to me, but I’m paranoid of it happening which has kept me from using it consistently. 

If you’re interested in Latisse, you can get a prescription for it from your doctor to fill at the pharmacy or you can get it through the website SkinSolutions. To my knowledge, this is the only approved online vendor by Allergan to purchase Latisse, so I wouldn’t buy it from anywhere else online to be safe. It still technically requires a prescription, so you’ll have to fill out some medical info as well!

And that basically sums it up! Do you have any lash secrets to share? Head over to my latest Instagram and leave a comment telling me your secrets!



Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in “2N1: Desert Beige” // Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer // Tarte Shape Tape in “Fair Neutral” // Lawless Seal the Deal Setting Powder // Benefit Hoola Bronzer // Anastasia Bronzer // NARS Blush in “Orgasm” // MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in “Soft and Gentle”


Urban Decay Primer Potion in “Eden” // Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in “Taupe” // Juvia’s Place The Nubian II Palette // Anastasia Sultry Palette // MAC Eyeshadows in “Saddle” and “Nylon” // Kat Von D Tattoo Liner // NARS Climax Mascara // Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious // MILK Makeup Kush Mascara // Ardell Wispies


Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in “Pillow Talk” // Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss in “Sugar Sugar” // Lawless Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Cameron” and “Jake” // Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in “Bitch Perfect” // LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask


Duo Brush-On Lash Glue (Latex-Free) // Beauty Blender Pro // Sigma Brush Set // Morphe Blending Brush



I hate washing my hair. I love taking a good hot shower morning and night, but I absolutely despise washing my hair. When your hair is as fine as mine is, it gets pretty hard to go too long without looking like you put bacon grease directly on your roots. Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement but you get the point. I’ve been on the hunt for the best dry shampoo I can get my hands on because ya girl loves dirty hair sans the whole looks-smells-and-feels-dirty part. That’s not asking for too much, right?

My problem with most dry shampoos is that they have an intense smell. No one wants gross smelling hair, I get it. But I also don’t want to walk around smelling like I poured a whole bottle of floral perfume on my hair when I woke up- it gives me headaches. But I also want something that smells nice, just not strong. Once again, is that too much to ask for?

Oh and I need volume. Lots and lots of volume. Fine hair also tends to be synonymous with flat hair, and this Texas girl ain’t here for flat hair. If a dry shampoo doesn’t give me killer volume, it’s a waste in my book.

For a long time, I just used magnolia-scented baby powder in my hair as dry shampoo. I loved the smell and it wasn’t too strong, plus the baby powder gave a decent amount of volume and soaked up any excess oil or grease in my roots. I can get away with using baby powder unless my roots are grown out… then it just looks like I am prematurely greying. Plus the powder ends up all over my bathroom floor and counter and then I look like I spend all my free time doing blow in my bathroom. Oops.

Then I met Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam. My first thought was, “yeah, not putting wet foam in my dry hair roots. You’re crazy, Sephora lady.” But, she convinced me to try it anyway and I walked out with a bottle.

YOU GUYS. This is life changing. One little dollop of foam removes oil, product buildup and gives the most volume I’ve ever gotten from ANY product. I use this when my hair is actually clean just for volume! The best part? It works for literally ALL hair types- straight, curly, wavy, blonde, black, red, you name it! It’s not made from powders like many other dry shampoos, so absolutely ZERO white residue in your hair is left.

Also, it legit smells like Tom Ford perfume, but the smell isn’t too strong either. Just a little bit of the foam goes a long way, which I love because I don’t like repurchasing hair product all the time. You will definitely get your money’s worth out of it!

Hate washing your hair too? Run, don’t walk to pick up this stuff. I won’t tell anyone you haven’t actually washed your hair… it can be our dirty little secret.

I’ve linked a few of my other favorite hair styling products below so you can go even longer without washing your hair. Dirty hair for everyone!!!



one // Laneige Kiss and Makeup Set

     I can’t live without this stuff!

two // Drunk Elephant Babyfacial

     Tons of raving reviews.

three // Slip silk eye mask

     For luxe beauty sleep.

four // Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette

     Possibly my favorite palette EVER.

five // MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in “Soft and Gentle”

     The best highlighter. Also love the color “Global Glow.”

six // Mario Badescu facial mist trio

     One for every mood.

seven // Beauty Blender

     A staple.

eight // Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask

     Ultra hydrating for stressed-out skin.

nine // Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

     Looks amazing on everyone.

ten // Lawless Beauty liquid lipstick in “Cameron”

     My daily go-to color.

eleven // Skin Gym rose quartz facial roller

     Also love a good ice roller.

twelve // Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette

     Can’t go wrong with any color — I love the “rock chick.”

thirteen // NARS lip gloss in “Sixties Fan”

     My favorite for a subtle kiss of color (it’s not as dark as it seems!)

fourteen // Urban Decay Born to Run palette

     So many fun colors!

fifteen // Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen

     Beauty begins within! Other flavors available also.



Platinum hair has been “in” for a while, and that’s no secret. From high school and through most of college I kept my blonde tone anywhere from strawberry to golden and never thought I’d vary from that. I jumped on the icy train quickly and switched to cool toned blonde around the time I moved to New York, and since then I’ve gotten questions about how I keep my hair cool and light.

MY ANSWER? Patience, for one.


If your hair isn’t light blonde to begin with, it’s best to take your time with lightening it so you don’t damage your hair (if you do, I have solutions.) If you have any sort of red in your hair, be it from your natural color or from dye, the process of getting that cool tone is going to be trickier. Work with a stylist that is skilled with blondes and you’ll be just fine!

Now, there are two ways you can lighten your hair — highlights or bleach and tone. It is probably safe to say that most strikingly ice platinum blondes do bleach and tone, where bleach is applied all over and then toned to the right color. If you’re going for dramatic, this may be the way to go. If you like more dimension in your hair, you’ll want to opt for highlights, which is what I do.


There are several things I do for my highlights to give the all-over color feel while maintaining dimension. First, my stylist in Houston does heavy slices of highlights as opposed to weaving them. This is better if your hair is already light so you don’t have stripes. I also alternate doing full highlights and partial. I like my color to be bright around my face as well, so sometimes I’ll have my stylist lightly brighten the roots all around my hairline on my face. This is what works for me, and I always recommend talking everything over with your stylist to create the look that is best for your hair and what you’re going for!


If you want an icy, cool toned blonde, you may need to tone your hair.  I recommend opting for a toner that is grey, purple, or blue. Think about it like a color wheel. Purple is the opposite of yellow, so it will cancel out the yellow tones. Blue is the opposite of orange, so it will cancel out the orange tones. I’ll get more into those later!

I tend to favor more of a silver/grey tone to my hair, but I actually haven’t been toning it lately. I’ve been seeing Melanie at N Salon recently and she recommended not toning my hair, and I’ve loved the results so far. She just highlights and uses a purple shampoo on me. This is exactly why it’s best to talk through what your goals with your hair are with your stylist — they can recommend the best process for YOUR hair. 


Keeping your hair icy doesn’t end at the salon, unfortunately. Lucky for you, I’ve found an arsenal of products that help me maintain my color and banish gross, yellow brassiness.


This one is probably a no-brainer. You’ve likely heard to use a purple shampoo to get rid of brassy tones. I’ve tried a few, and my biggest complaint with most that I’ve tried is that they never seem to feel like they actually clean my hair. I don’t wash my hair often, so I want it to feel clean no matter what shampoo I use, and I really don’t want to wash it twice to get that feeling. 

I use the Joico Color Balance purple shampoo because it miraculously does give that clean feeling and just the right amount of color. I’ve heard great things about the Fanola No Yellow shampoo, but I have yet to try it. 


This is what I use when I want a dramatically “cooler” look. I have both the pastel purple color and pastel silver. The pastel purple deposits a little too much color for my liking, so I usually stick with the pastel silver. The ends of my hair soak up color very easily, so the silver gives the cool tone without straight up turning my hair a different color. 

They have a ton of different colors so if you’re trying to maintain red, rose gold, or virtually any other color, they have something for you! 


I don’t use this frequently either, because it also deposits quite a bit of purple color. However, I like to use it when I want my color to look amazing in photos. It also smells AMAZING which is always a plus. It’s definitely great for a little extra boost when needed! 

That’s about it! As I’ve mentioned a few times, it’s always best to work with your stylist on your color. They’ll be your ultimate resource for the results you’re looking for. Have you tried any of these products, or what are your secrets for keeping blonde color cool? Thank you for reading! 



If you follow me on pretty much any social media, you already know about my sweet Stevie girl and how I’m obsessed with her. I’ve had my little love for just over 2 weeks, and she’s now 10 weeks old. I’ve known I wanted a dog for a while now, and since I couldn’t bring Fitz to Austin with me (he doesn’t do well without a yard) I figured I should get a puppy of my own. I named her Stevie after Stevie Nicks. I’m extra so I gave her a middle name too, Blair, because Blair Waldorf/I love the slightly spooky sound of the name thanks to the Blair Witch Project. See the witchy theme going on here? Anyway, I digress. I made this post to include all of the logistics behind getting a puppy, living in an apartment, having a full-time job and having a life in general. It’s possible!


I knew I wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but with any breed, I recommend doing your research on it. Each breed has certain personality characteristics and common/potential health issues that you need to be aware of. Cavaliers are prone to heart problems, and you want to know anything like that about the breed you choose. You’ll also need to know how they’ll fare where you live, (ie. are they the best breed to have if you live in an apartment) and how big they’ll get, etc. If you’re getting a purebred pup as well you should know they don’t typically come cheap. I also wanted a girl, and girls are usually more expensive. I browsed around and ended up finding the right breeder on PuppyFind. She is located further away (outside Lubbock) but I took one look at Stevie’s picture and I knew she was my pup.


You want a reputable breeder, so make sure that they have all of their paperwork and I would also ask for references from their vet and people who have gotten puppies from them previously. You’ll want your pupper’s medical records as well, which your breeder should have all ready to go when you pick them up. If you’re picking your pup up at 8 weeks (I wouldn’t advise any earlier) then they will likely already have one round of their parvo/distemper vaccine and received dewormer. Either way, you’ll want the records to give to the vet whenever you take them to their new vet you’ll be regularly going to. I also asked about the health/medical history of Stevie’s parents and of previous litters because I was worried about potential breed health issues and things of that sort. I asked for pictures of her parents and what their personalities were like as well, and what size she was relative to her littermates. I wanted a pup on the smaller side, and Stevie was one of the two smallest in her litter. You also want to know what kind of food your puppy has been eating so if you want to switch them to something else you can buy both types of food and mix them for a while so it is easier on your puppy’s tummy.


Puppies are like toddlers, so it’s important you have everything set for them to be safe in your home. If there is trouble for them to get into, they will find it if you’re not careful. I would also pick out your vet you’ll be taking your little angel to before you bring them home. If you’re going to get pet insurance, then you want to have those details sorted as well. Stevie (and every animal my family has ever had) goes to Banfield which is the vet inside Petsmart. They have a wellness plan program that is really great for puppies because you pay monthly and it includes all their vet visits, vaccines, and their spay/neuter surgery. If they have to have treatment for something because they get sick you will get a discount as well if they are on a wellness plan. This is just another option to pet insurance, but you’ll need to pick what’s right for you and your pup.

Now, onto the semi-fun part: what to buy.

  1. Crate, crate bed, and blanket for crate cover – I’ll talk more about crate training in a bit.
  2. Grass potty pad (super important if you live in an apartment) and lavender potty pads
  3. Accident cleaner – your pup will have accidents, it’s a fact of life
  4. Playpen or gate – good for sectioning off a portion of the house for them to play in. Stevie is in her playpen while I’m at work with her crate in it, so she can play or rest in her crate.
  5. Regular bed – I got Stevie’s at Nordstrom Rack so look there and Home Goods too
  6. Nylabone, kong rope toy, kong, tiny tennis balls – good for chewing, more on that later
  7. Interactive burrow toy – I got Stevie the seahorses but there are TONS of other types. This is probably Stevie’s favorite toy and she could play with it for hours.
  8. Breed specific food – Royal Canin makes food catered toward specific breeds to help with their health problems. The food is also shaped in a way that makes it easy for that breed to chew (ie. if they are likely to have an underbite) This is what Stevie’s vet recommended for her. I order it from Chewy since I can never find it in store.
  9. Training treats – Stevie is very food motivated, and these tiny treats have been really helpful training
  10. Stuffed toy for cuddles
  11. Dog car seat (sorry I’m extra but this keeps her safe in the car and out of my lap while I’m driving)
  12. Harness and collar
  13. The cutest dog tags ever
  14. Puppy shampoo
  15. Lint roller – I could make a second Stevie out of all the fur she sheds


Ah, everyone’s least favorite part of being a puppy parent. This is where your patience will really get tested. Stevie is a perfect angel MOST of the time… but we’re still learning.

Potty training is something we’ll still be working on for a few weeks since I live in an apartment. This means she can’t go outside to potty until she’s gotten all three rounds of her parvo/distemper vaccine. Parvo is very prevalent in Texas especially at this time of year, and it makes puppies very sick and a lot of times they won’t make it. They can get parvo from smelling other dog’s poo that has it, and it can stay in the soil for up to 10 years. Because of this, you don’t want you puppy walking or going potty where other dogs have gone and you don’t know their medical history. They’re usually fine to go out in your own personal yard, but no dog parks or high-traffic dog areas at your apartment.

So what do you do while they’re a puppy?

Potty pads. It’s not glamorous, but if you have a balcony (I don’t) it helps a lot too because then they can associate outside = potty. I have a grass potty pad for Stevie that’s set up in my bathroom with potty pads in it and I clean it daily so it doesn’t get gross. She is usually very good at going potty on this and prefers it to just a potty pad hanging out by itself. We’ll start outside training in just a few weeks!

Stevie is also being crate trained. It’s a safe option for her when I can’t be at home so she doesn’t get into anything she’s not supposed to. You want to get a crate that’s big enough for them when they’re fully grown, but also has a divider so they have a smaller space while they’re little. You want them to be snug in their crate, so they won’t sleep on one side and potty on the other. I cover her crate with a blanket when she’s in it so it feels cozy and it’s her safe space. While you’re crate training, you want them to have good memories in the crate so I put some of her favorite toys, a couple treats for her to find, and she even eats in her crate in the morning and at night.

It’s pretty normal for puppies to cry in their crates at first, and you have to keep in mind that they’re like babies and they cry to tell you what they need. If Stevie has eaten and gone potty and she’s still crying, then I know she’s just wanting attention and she’ll fall asleep soon. I can read her cries now and tell if she’s crying because she needs something or if she is just being whiny. Usually she’s just being whiny and will pass out in a few minutes or start to entertain herself with a toy. Crate training also helps keep your pup from developing separation anxiety and teaches them to be independent. If Stevie had it her way, she would constantly be right on top of me. But, she also loves her crate and feels safe there when she can’t be right with me.

Another thing we are still learning not to do is chewing and biting. Puppies explore and learn about the world through their mouths, and in the “wild” they learn not to bite from their mom and littermates. Since they don’t have that when they live with you, that’s something you have to teach them. I don’t let Stevie play with my hands, and always keep her nylabone or something she can chew on instead within reach of me. Anytime she bites or chews me a little too hard, I yelp, pull away, and whimper the same way one of her littermates would and then give her something else to chew. I feel super dramatic doing this but it works, and she’s learning she can’t chew on human skin.

This post has now become WAY longer than I intended it to and I could still write more. All in all, Stevie is well beyond worth the work that comes along with her being a puppy. She’s still so little, and I can’t wait to see her grow into a big pup, but I’m also cherishing every little moment that I have while she’s tiny. If you wanna keep up with all her adventures be sure to follow her on Instagram!

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I don’t think it’s any secret that I highlight my hair- and with bleach comes damage. Whether you color your hair or not, it can be hard to maintain healthy hair. I’ve been coloring and highlighting my hair for about 10 years now, and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to keep my hair strong, even through my transition to platinum.




I mean, please wash your hair. Just don’t do it as often. I only wash my hair MAX twice a week. This allows for your natural oils to run through your hair and keep it moisturized. I definitely understand it can be hard to just switch to not washing your hair as often, but build yourself up to it. Add an extra day between washing your hair each time you wash it until you’re only washing it once or twice a week. I PROMISE you can do it! Get a good dry shampoo (I’ve got a post on my favorite one coming up!) and you’re good to go. If you’re blonde, baby powder works great too. Eventually, your hair will stop getting “greasy” or “oily” plus you won’t be putting as many harsh chemicals on your hair, it’s a win-win!



I only use salon quality products on my hair, and I only purchase them from a salon or beauty store like Ulta, Sephora or Nordstrom where you know you’re getting the real deal. Don’t ever buy higher-end products from a drug store, Walmart, Target, etc, you don’t know what’s really in them.

For shampoo and conditioner, I recommend getting a product that is strengthening. I love Joico K-Pak shampoo and conditioner for colored hair so I don’t risk stripping out my toner that keeps my hair cool-toned. They have a version for colored hair and non-colored, so make sure you pick up the right one.

If your hair is already damaged and you’re trying to repair it, you will want some sort of damage therapy leave-in treatment. I use Aveda Damage Remedy, it’s also a heat protectant for an added bonus. I run this through my hair evenly, making sure it gets it all.

If you’re not one for blowdrying your hair, then great! No heat — that’s perfect. I can’t air-dry my hair. I hate it. It gets a weird texture, and I’m not about it. So since I’m inevitably going to put heat on my hair, I make sure to do it in a healthy-ish way. Aka a GOOD hairdryer. You may have a stroke at the price, but my last hair dryer lasted me for almost 10 years before it shot fire out of it. That was a fun day. Anyway, I use a slightly older version of this T3 hairdryer. I got mine at Costco for a bit cheaper, so check there first if you have a membership. They also have a mini version that’s cheaper too. My hair dries a lot faster now with this dryer and faster drying = less damage.

I also try to avoid styling my hair with a curling iron or straightener. I have naturally straight hair, so all I have to do is give it a 30-second hairdryer blast to smooth out any kinks. I also recommend sleeping with your hair in a bun with a crocodile clip or in a braid to keep it from getting tangly and breaking in your sleep.


O L A P L E X.

If you don’t know, now you know. This is the MAJOR secret. Ask your stylist about mixing Olaplex in with your color and also doing an Olaplex treatment. It will do WONDERS on your hair. This is truly the gamechanger in my hair-health routine. I have Olaplex added every time I highlight my hair, and I use the No.3 treatment at home. You know how chocolate can mend a broken heart? Olaplex can mend your broken hair. Okay now I’m just being dramatic, but, you need this.


By now, you’ve probably heard of sleeping with a satin pillowcase to prevent breakage. If not, this is a thing. And you should do it. My satin pillowcase is from Savvy Sleepers and I kinda want one in every color… is that too much?

I’ve also become hooked on these Invisibobble hair ties. They look like telephone cords and are actually super cute in your hair. More importantly, though, they don’t pull on your hair as much or rip hair out of your head, and they’re less likely to leave those dreaded kinks in your hair. They even make tiny ones for smaller sections of hair if you’re a fine-haired babe like me.


Get regular haircuts. If your hair is super damaged on the ends, cut it off. Even if it’s several inches. I promise your locks will grow back quicker than you think and won’t be constantly breaking anymore. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, this is way more important than you would think. My hair grows stupid fast and it’s solely because I keep my ends from getting damaged so it won’t break off. Also, those tiny hairs you see around my face are baby hairs, not breakage. I’ve had them for forever and they drive me nuts, but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s definitely not impossible to color/highlight your hair AND keep it healthy. Last time I got my hair highlighted my bae Chris said he’s never felt my hair so healthy ever before. For context, he’s been coloring my hair since I was 14. I’ve done A LOT to my hair with him — basically every shade of blonde, brunette, and even a short stint with red hair. This is by far the lightest my hair has ever been and also the HEALTHIEST. So it’s possible! Don’t let yourself believe otherwise.

And that’s all my tips! I have more hair-themed posts coming soon, including one on dry shampoo and how I keep my hair cool toned. If there are any other hair type posts you wanna see, definitely let me know! I also wanna know if you try out any of these tips and they help. You can always email me if you wanna chat or have more specific questions. All my luck with transitioning into not washing your hair! ♡



When my best friend Maddy of Miss Madds and I took our trip to Phoenix, I learned quickly that most people don’t think of the city as much of a “destination” to visit. We spent a long weekend there to celebrate our 23rd birthdays, and let me tell you — there is loads to see, do, and eat. The natural features of the city are gorgeous with flowers + cacti everywhere you look. I put together a little guide to show off all the things we loved about our trip in case you’re looking at taking one too.

We stayed in Scottsdale, so the majority of the things we did were around that area. I would say that this is a perfect destination for a fun girls trip or even a blogger/influencer style getaway. Scottsdale is also the perfect location to stay, it’s rather easy to walk to a lot of restaurants, shopping, and there’s a nightlife scene within walking distance too. Plus, there’s no end of stunning photo opportunities all across the city. So with that said, grab your girls and start planning!


Hotel Adeline

Boutique motel // This is where we stayed!

Hotel Valley Ho

Historic + modern

The Saguaro Scottsdale

Bright + fun


The Henry 

Good for dinner + drinks // Vital pick: Tuna Poke Bowl + Fig & Ginger Mule

Breakfast Club

Classic breakfast + brunch // Vital pick: Turkey Bene

Farm & Craft 

Healthy + sustainable // Vital pick: Steel Cut Oats + Protein Pancakes

The Montauk 

New England style options // Vital pick: Mac n Cheese

Diego Pop’s

Fun tacos + drinks // Vital pick: Snow Cone Margarita


Comfort food // Vital pick: Rotisserie Chicken


Laid back, good happy hour // Vital pick: No. 34

Sugar Bowl

Diner style sweet treats // Vital pick: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Wine + bruschetta boards // Vital pick: literally any bruschetta + wine


Coffee shop, good for pastries // Vital pick: Cinnamon roll


Espresso-style Tea, endless instagram-worthy moments // Vital pick: Iced London Fog with coconut milk

Lux Central

Fresh + cool coffee shop // Vital pick: Cappuccino 


Desert Botanical Garden

Vital tip: go at golden hour, make time to go to Hole in the Rock too

Phoenix Art Museum

Vital tip: small museum with great contemporary/modern art

Old Town Scottsdale

Vital tip: great picture ops, especially at night with the string lights

Japanese Friendship Gardens

Vital tip: closes early, pay attention to closing hours

Phoenix Public Market

Vital tip: hours change based upon the season



Camelback Mountain

Vital tip: there are two different trails to the top

Piestewa Peak

Vital tip: steeper than you’d expect, great photo ops along the way

South Mountain

Vital tip: drive to the top to watch the sunset

Hole in the Rock 

Vital tip: very short “hike”

Superstition Mountains

Vital tip: a bit of a drive out of the city, lots of things to do


Fashion Square

Old Town Scottsdale Shops

This trip was truly the getaway I needed. The past six months have been a lot — health issues, a breakup, quitting my job, and starting a new one. I hadn’t really given myself a chance let myself rest and just enjoy the moment without worrying about a thousand other things (hello, anxiety, my dear friend!) All in all, this was the perfect way to round out the last days of my 22nd year of life. I spent the entirety of the trip in awe of my surroundings, and both Maddy and I quickly fell in love with this city. Phoenix, you have our hearts.

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