Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes | The Lipstick Tales

Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes | The Lipstick Tales




Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes | The Lipstick Tales

Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes | The Lipstick Tales

Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes | The Lipstick Tales

I tried really hard not to get sucked into the hype, y’all. I tried. My first Kylie Cosmetics purchase was the Kourt K lip kit, which I ended up loving. Once I saw these metals,  I knew I had to get my hands on them. So many people have asked me what I think of them, so I thought I would do a little review for you!

All three shades are very pigmented, and just one coat of product gives amazing color payoff. I’m completely obsessed with the metallic shine they all have, it’s gorgeous.

Heir is the lightest of the three, and has a sort of nude peach tone to the color. I really like wearing this one with Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect lipstick underneath, because I’ve found it makes the color suit my skin tone better.

King K is a golden bronze color, and is probably my favorite of the three even though it’s a close call! I wear this one with Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude lip liner underneath.

Reign is the darkest, and is a bronze red color. The website describes it as copper, which it has some hints of, but I feel the undertone is far more red than anything. It also is much darker in person than it appears on the website, but a beautiful color nonetheless.

They’re also fairly long-lasting, although Heir didn’t seem to wear quite as long as the other two from what I found.

One of my favorite things about matte lipsticks is that they are usually fairly smudge proof and don’t transfer easily, but that is not the case with these. This is my main problem with this product. I don’t believe that they are a true matte lipstick, they definitely have more of a satin texture. They can be quite a bit sticky depending on how much product you use. I also wouldn’t say they are drying at all like some matte lipsticks can be, which is good.

If you don’t like scented makeup, you’ll probably have a problem with these. They have a decently strong, sweet smell. I wouldn’t say it smells bad, but I’m also not particularly fond of the smell either. I’m sure it’s used to cover up the sort of “chemical” smell that unscented liquid lipsticks sometimes have, I just find the scent to be too strong.

Overall, they’re not a perfect product, but I wasn’t necessarily expecting a perfect product either. I think the color and pigmentation of these lipsticks alone makes it worth it. I’ve found myself reaching for these three more than any other lip products since I’ve had them. They’re also amazing for layering with other lip products to create new and unique colors.

Bottom line: you need these in your makeup bag. Trust me.

Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes | The Lipstick Tales

Without flash – Top to bottom: Reign, King K, Heir

Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes | The Lipstick Tales

With flash – Left to Right: Heir, King K, Reign

Have you tried the Kylie Cosmetics metal mattes or any of her glosses or lip kits? Don’t forget to check out my Instagram, @thelipsticktales! There you can find pictures of how each of the lipsticks look on. Thank you so much for reading, check back Wednesday for another new post!


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