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all my secrets for longer lashes | vital blonde | by hunter wuensche

It seems I’m asked at least once a day, “are your lashes real?” Most of the time, my answer is yes. I don’t have lash extensions, but I do wear fake lashes on occasion (more on those in a bit). My natural lashes are quite long to begin with, but I’m a firm believer that with a little patience and a lot of mascara, anyone can get envy-worthy lashes. Wondering how to get the look of longer lashes? I’m dishing the secrets.

all my secrets for longer lashes | mascara | vital blonde | by hunter wuensche


Are you ready for the secret? It’s pretty simple, actually. Just use more than one mascara. Most mascaras are designed to give different results — some are great for adding volume, some are great for adding length, etc. I have tried many a mascara, both high-end and drugstore, and I have yet to find one magical mascara that does it all. 

I typically use two different mascaras. The first one will separate the lashes and add length. The second one gives that “wow” volume. I also used to be an avid user of only high-end mascaras, but now I mostly use drugstore mascara.


It’s the same thing. Truth be told, the actual formula of each mascara does not differ from tube to tube. The black stuff is basically the same ish. The difference is in the brush/applicator and in the stopper that controls how much product gets on the applicator. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather pay 1/3 of the price if I’m gonna get the same thing and splurge on other products.


My go-to right now for the “base” or 1st layer mascara is Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious in “blackest black.” This mascara is AMAZING. It even adds a teeny bit of volume, so if I have a fresh tube of this stuff I can almost get away with just using one mascara for the look I like. 

Another great base is the L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara. Y’all, this mascara has a cult following FOR A REASON. It’s amazing for separating and and lengthening lashes. If I’m using this one, I use it first and then follow with the Maybelline I previously mentioned.

My second layer mascara is L’Oreal Lash Paradise, also in “blackest black.” This one gives allllll the volume. Gimme gimme. Another reason I don’t like to shell out all the $$ for high-end mascara? This one is a dupe for Too Faced Better Than Sex. It’s the same thing — just a fraction of the price. 

For something more high-end, I decided to try the NARS Climax mascara recently, and I actually like it a lot. I’m a sucker for packaging, so that’s what really drew me in for this one. I don’t like using this one on it’s own, but it’s really great when paired with the Maybelline mascara I mentioned previously for an “everyday” look. This mascara is also a good “base” mascara, and it’s particularly great at separating your lashes and giving definition to them so they don’t look clumpy.

Those three are just the ones in my current lash rotation, but there are others I also like. I pretty much always stick to Maybelline and L’Oreal mascaras as far as brands go. I’ll link a few others I’ve tried and liked at the end of the post! If you MUST go high-end for mascara, opt for Lancome Hypnose Drama or Benefit Roller Lash or They’re Real, or the NARS Climax I’ve been using. Other honorable mentions are Milk Makeup Kush Mascara and Lancome Monsieur Big.

all my secrets for longer lashes | fake lashes | vital blonde | by hunter wuensche


I have yet to hop on the bandwagon of lash extensions. I’m terrified of destroying my lashes as they are now since they’re already quite long and always have been. However, I do wear fake lashes from time to time since they don’t damage your lashes as long as they’re applied correctly. I also love the feeling of a totally clean face — if I’m taking my makeup off I want it ALL off. 

I tend to go through periods of time where I’ll wear falsies literally every day, and then not wear them at all for weeks. I can typically get roughly five or so wears out of each pair, considering that Stevie doesn’t find them and eat them first. We’ve had a few incidents of that. 

I also don’t like to buy high-end lashes. I’ve tried Huda Beauty lashes and while they look gorgeous, the band is quite thick and heavy and just makes me want to rip my eyelids off. I am a Taurus through and through and while I love high-end, I can’t justify spending $20+ on lashes that end up making me a crazy person by the end of the day. However, I do like these and these for particularly fancy occasions.

I LOVE Ardell lashes. They’re cheap, there’s tons of styles, and you can buy them in multi-packs most of the time. My favorites are the Wispies and Double Wispies for a more dramatic look. Because you know, I love a dramatic lash look. I typically buy Wispies in a four pack and it will last me a month or two before I need more.

One thing about fake lashes if you’ve never used them: you have to have glue to apply them. Most lash glue typically contains latex. I’m allergic to latex, so I opt for the Duo non-latex glue which works like a charm. The original glue works great as well, but it makes me want to scratch my eyes off. 

all my secrets for longer lashes | lash serum lash boost | vital blonde | by hunter wuensche


YES, you can grow your real lashes! My absolute FAVORITE lash serum that I will now never go without is Rodan + Fields Lash Boost. I have a few friends who sell R+F, and I heard great things about the product, so I decided to give it a try to support them as well.

Oh. My. Word. I didn’t think my natural lashes could get better. They were already long, and I TRUTHFULLY didn’t think any serum could make a big difference, but it did. My lashes are fuller and a bit longer. They seriously look as good as my falsies with just a few swipes of mascara! I don’t have a link for you to this product, but I would reach out to someone you know who sells R+F and tell them you want some lash boost! If you don’t know anyone who sells it, send me an Instagram DM and I’ll connect you with someone!

Another lash serum that I’ve tried is Latisse. Latisse is made by Allergan, which is the pharma company I used to work for, and it requires a prescription in a few states including Texas and New York. 

I know a few people who have seen great results from using this, but I’ve never really used it consistently enough to see results. It also has some possible side effects (like turning your eye color more brown) that I’m not fond of. This did not happen to me, but I’m paranoid of it happening which has kept me from using it consistently. 

If you’re interested in Latisse, you can get a prescription for it from your doctor to fill at the pharmacy or you can get it through the website SkinSolutions. To my knowledge, this is the only approved online vendor by Allergan to purchase Latisse, so I wouldn’t buy it from anywhere else online to be safe. It still technically requires a prescription, so you’ll have to fill out some medical info as well!

And that basically sums it up! Do you have any lash secrets to share? Head over to my latest Instagram and leave a comment telling me your secrets!


How to Fake Good Night's Sleep | The Lipstick Tales How to Fake Good Night's Sleep | The Lipstick Tales

Being a college student isn’t very nice for your sleep schedule. Being a college student who is prone to terrible stress dreams and nightmares is even worse. (I literally wake up shaking and crying in the middle of the night, it’s a great time!) So needless to say, I’ve gotten pretty good at faking a well-rested look, or at least I’d like to think so. Here are a few of my little tips to make it look like that 4 hours of sleep was actually 8 hours.

White Eyeliner

I fee like this one is no secret anymore, but I’m telling you IT WORKS. I use this Chella highlighter pencil, and it’s perfect because it’s not too stark white but also isn’t too flesh toned. I swear this makes the biggest difference, if you haven’t tried it you have to!


Not just any concealer, but a really good full coverage one. Something has to hide those dark circles! I wear shade 7, and this tube lasts so long. I apply it in a triangle shape under my eyes to make sure the whole area is brightened up. I also really want to try this YSL apricot color correcting concealer to help cancel out dark circles.


A major trick to appearing well-rested is having that wide-eyed look, and full lashes is one of the easiest ways to achieve that. I have naturally long lashes that have curl to them already, (sorry I got the good genes, little sis!) I’ve mentioned before how one of my biggest makeup tricks is to use more than one mascara, and I’m sticking by that! Benefit Roller Lash, Maybelline Lash Sensational and L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock are the three in my rotation currently.


Lack of sleep can leave your skin looking rather dull. Giving your skin a good glow will fool just about anyone into thinking you got a full night of sleep! MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle is my holy grail highlighter, it gives the perfect natural-looking highlight. Pair it with a good blush (this one is my favorite!) and kiss dull, tired skin goodbye.

Do you have any tricks to faking the well-rested look?


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Melt Proof Makeup

Melt Proof Makeup | The Lipstick Tales

The most asked question I’ve had lately from my friends is, “How do I get my makeup to stay in place?” Living in Texas, makeup can easily sort of “melt off” especially in the summer months. No one wants to have re-apply makeup throughout the day, but you also don’t want to use heavy products that will just weigh you down in the heat. Of course, I definitely don’t wear makeup every day in the summer, but when I do I want it to stay put. I’ve rounded up my best tips so you can have melt proof makeup this summer.

1. Prime.

Priming everything is essential to keeping your makeup in place. Start with clean, moisturized skin. I tend to opt for a gel moisturizer like First Aid Beauty Mattifying Gel or Boscia Black Hydration Gel since I have oily skin, and this is great for normal skin in the summer too. You’ll then want to use an all over face primer. Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector has been my favorite lately. It’s got kind of a strange consistency, it starts off kind of sticky but then just dissolves perfectly into your skin. Also be sure to use an eye primer before applying any eyeshadow.

2. Foundation.

I love lightweight foundations in general, but they’re essential in the summer. Who wants full coverage heavy foundation when it’s over 100 degrees out? Not me! Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet are the ones I find myself reaching for most when it’s hot outside. They’re lightweight but still provide great coverage. If you can’t separate yourself from your favorite full coverage foundation, I suggest adding a little bit of moisturizer to keep it from being heavy in the heat.

3. Powder.

Powdering will not only help set your makeup, but also help prevent any unwanted shine that you might gain throughout the day in the heat. Over-powdering is traditionally a no-no, but in the case of the Texas heat you will most likely want to. The powder will be absorbed throughout the day preventing shine without making you look dull. I love this powder, and it’s universal!

4. Bronze.

What’s summer without bronze skin? If you fake tan like me, chances are your face is at least 3 shades lighter than the rest of your body and bronzer is your BFF. I love matte bronzers so that I can contour just a little while getting an all over glow. This one is my go-to, and this palette is amazing as well.

5. Blush.

I love using cream blushes in the summer. They’ll absorb into your skin and you can’t necessarily sweat it off like you could a powder blush. This one by Josie Maran is my favorite. It provides 14 hours of color and it’s moisturizing. Seriously, it feels amazing on your skin – no sticky feeling whatsoever. I love that the color is buildable, so I never end up with too much color.

6. Lips.

It’s no secret that I love lipstick. However, lipstick can feel a bit heavy on a hot day. I always find myself reaching for lip stains like this one, or one of YSL’s Glossy Stains. The also just came out with this line of “Pop Water” stains that I’m dying to try. This way you get the lip color that’s suited for summer!

7. Set.

The biggest trick to keeping your makeup in place? Setting spray. Urban Decay’s De-slick does the trick for me. My bottle has lasted me forever – you can tell since it’s still the old packaging. This one will keep your makeup lasting all day, even in the summer heat. I spray my face with it after completely finishing my makeup, but for extra staying power, I’ll spray my face before too as a sort of primer.

And that’s it! Following those tips will ensure that your makeup will stay in place all day, even in the heat. I hope these are useful to you, thanks so much for reading! Do you have any favorite products suited for summer? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


P. S. Texas girls prepping for sorority recruitment in August, these tips and oil blotting sheets will be your lifesaver!

10 Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making

10 Makeup Mistakes You're Probably Making{photo via pinterest}

I’ve been obsessed with makeup since I knew what it was. I’m about 98% sure that I wore makeup every single day all 4 years of high school, and probably almost every day that I’ve been in college. I am that girl in class dressed like a hobo and wearing a full face of makeup. Not sorry. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve made my fair share of makeup mistakes in my lifetime- however heinous they may be. Did I wear glitter eyeliner everyday of 6th grade? I’m not so sure I wanna own up to that one… (Unfortunately the answer is yes.) I’ve gathered up ten makeup mistakes that seem to be the most common, but there’s no shame here. I’ve been guilty of all of these at some point, so learn from my mistakes and get one step closer to flawless makeup.

1. You don’t prime.

If your makeup isn’t lasting all day, use a primer. It will keep your makeup in place. This one is my favorite, and I’m dying to try this one.

2. You use your fingers to apply face makeup.

Use a makeup brush or Beauty Blender sponge to ensure even coverage of your makeup. Using your hands or fingers to apply face makeup can leave you splotchy. Also, you don’t want all the oils and germs from your hands on your face- especially if your hands aren’t clean.

3. You don’t clean your makeup brushes.

Having problems with breakouts? Your makeup brushes could be the culprit. Try to clean them once a week to prevent bacteria from growing and spreading on your face.

4. You don’t match your foundation correctly.

You want to match your foundation to three places: your driver’s side jawline, underneath your eyes and around your nose. Your “perfect” foundation color should seemingly disappear into all three of these places. Remember, you don’t ever want your face to be a different shade than the rest of your body.

5. You’re using the wrong coverage foundation.

Don’t use more coverage than you need. If you don’t need full coverage foundation, don’t use one! I love using tinted moisturizers or BB creams just to even out my skin color a little, and then adding concealer under my eyes and wherever else needed.

6. You apply concealer under your foundation.

If you apply concealer before foundation, you’re just blending it away. Apply your foundation first, and then concealer in any areas you want a little more coverage.

7. You wear black eyeliner on your waterline.

Black eyeliner on your waterline can make your eyes look smaller. Try a white or cream color eyeliner instead, your eyes will look bigger and you’ll appear more awake. I love this one.

8. You powder instead of blot.

If you have oily skin like I do, you’re constantly worried about looking shiny. Carry oil blotting sheets with you and use those to get rid of the shine. Powdering to get rid of shine can make you look cakey and powdery.

9. You don’t ever wear lip products.

Don’t let your lips disappear into your face! AT LEAST wear a lightly tinted lip balm or gloss to prevent this. (This one is perfect if you’re not used to lip products yet!)  I’m also a firm believer that just one swipe of lipstick will make you look ten thousand times more put together. See here– I swear anyone can pull of casual red lipstick if they want to.

10. You don’t fill in your eyebrows.

You don’t have to do anything crazy with your brows, but lightly filling them in with an angled brush and powder to match your hair color will give more dimension to your face. I personally like my brows to be a little darker than my hair color, but this choice is up to you. I use a MAC 266 brush and MAC Omega for my brows, and Omega is a great color for blondes. But honestly, I’m kinda liking this trend too for all you fair haired beauties…

Of course, if you find that you do one or more of these and it totally works for you- keep doing you! I have just found that these things do not work for me or a lot of girls I know. What makeup faux pas bugs you the most? I’m curious!

P.S. Thank you all SO much for the overwhelming love and support you’ve given me about my blog! I could not ask for better family & friends (since I know you’re probably the only ones reading at this point 😉 ) I love you all, and stay tuned for regular posts from me!




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