i’m hunter, a native texan and lover of all things fashion & beauty.

by day… i own and run an online boutique, VOLATILE.

by night… I am blogging here, I have always been a creative-type and in search of an outlet to express myself and my musings. thus, vital blonde was born in 2015 as a place for me to share all the ideas in my head and be your go-to internet bff.

wanna know more? here’s some q&a:

coffee or tea?

earl grey tea is my go-to. also love a good iced dirty chai.

dog or cat?

cat person all the way, but my stevie girl and fitzy have my heart

favorite season?

spring – can’t get enough of those texas wildflowers

favorite city?

new york city, austin, and phoenix

bloom of choice?

black orchids

style icon?

kate moss, stevie nicks & brigitte bardot


gucci guilty, jimmy choo, or replica beach walk

favorite lipstick?

always reaching for lawless “cameron” or charlotte tilbury “bitch perfect”


spin class and orangetheory!

favorite book?

the eyre affair by jasper fforde – i had to read it for english class my senior year of high school and fell in love with the series


heights, holes, spiders, cockroaches and snakes – don’t google trypophobia (fear of holes) unless you really want to hate your life

hogwarts house?

slytherin, and of course my patronus is a ginger cat


taurusscorpio rising, aquarius moon – I geek out over astrology, no shame

personality type?

myers-briggs: ENFP, enneagram: 6 wing 5

still wanna know more? shoot me an email and let’s chat! hunter@vitalblonde.com

thanks so much for stopping by!



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