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My 22nd birthday is this weekend, so I decided to share 22 facts about myself in honor of my birthday. I’m honestly not that excited about turning 22. I mean, after 21 are there really any more exciting birthdays? Is this what getting older really feels like? Anyway, here are 22 things that you’ll probably make fun of me for when you finish reading this!

1. I’ve fallen out of a moving truck.

Lock your doors and wear your seatbelt, trust me.

2. I’ve also fallen on an escalator.

I’m pretty clumsy, needless to say, I even sprained my ankle recently from stepping off of a curb. Don’t run up an escalator.

3. My belly button isn’t an innie or an outie, it’s somehow both.

I got my belly button pierced to cover it up, because I think it’s weird. I’m legitimately terrified of what it will look like one day when I’m pregnant. I don’t think I’ll find that out anytime soon, though.

4. I won my 4th grade spelling bee. 

I came in third the next year even though I wore a shirt that said “queen bee.” I was really bitter about it.

5. I have synesthesia.

My favorite color is the letter “i.” Read about why this makes sense to me but not to you here.

6. I used to hate my name and demanded to be called Alysse.

Alysse is my middle name, and I hated that Hunter sounded so masculine. My parents essentially told me they would only call me Hunter, so I gave up on wanting to be called Alysse and now I just own my name.

7. I have two tattoos, one with each of my parents. 

I got a ladybug tattoo with my mom and a lightning bolt tattoo with my dad, and each one has a special meaning.

8. In middle school my email address was iheartcolesprouse@gmail.com.

I’m not ashamed.

9. I also had an unhealthy obsession with the Jonas Brothers, specifically Nick. 

I’m still not ashamed, did you see his Calvin Klein ads?

10. In high school I woke up one morning with a spider bite on my face. 

I still have a faint scar from it that turns bright red from time to time. I don’t think I’ve slept right ever since this happened.

11. I don’t like avocados. 

Please don’t hate me, they’re gross.

12. I get really bad motion sickness/car sickness.

I once threw up in my Meme’s purse in the car on the way to Muir Woods in California. I also have thrown up on her feet in a McDonald’s in Times Square, but that wasn’t from motion/car sickness.

13. I’ve never broken a bone.

Somehow I didn’t break anything with the fall out of my mom’s truck. We’re all surprised about this one given my clumsiness.

14. I’m allergic to eggs.

Everything with eggs in it makes me sick, but I eat them anyway and then complain about not feeling well. Sorry bout it.

15. I have a huge sweet tooth. 

I need to be supervised around chocolate and ice cream.

16. I’m a third generation Texas Longhorn.

My Granddad, my Mom and my Dad went to UT. My Granddad’s freshman and sophomore year were 1969 and 1970, when we won the national championship back to back and I’m lowkey really jealous.

17. My favorite food is oatmeal. 

I literally eat oatmeal every day. I cried a couple months ago when I realized we didn’t have any oatmeal at my dad’s house for breakfast. I have the diet (and emotional stability when it comes to oatmeal) of a 5 year old.

18. Taco Bell is my guilty pleasure.

Beefy 5 layer burrito or crunchwrap supreme, please.

19. I double majored because I was going to graduate a year early if I didn’t.

I started college with 53 credit hours, and I’ve been classified as a senior by credit hours since my sophomore year.

20. The 1975 is my favorite band.

I cried the entire time the first time I saw them in concert a year ago. I met Ross, the bassist, at Rio after the concert. I’m still not over it.

21. My little sister and I regularly get mistaken for twins.

She’s five years younger than me but she’s taller than me.

22. I’ve never actually been hunting. 

My name is misleading.

So now that you think I’m sufficiently weird for all of these things, do you have any weird fun facts about yourself, or did you know any of these about me? Let me know in the comments!

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