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I’ve been talking about moving to New York since before my first trip here at nine years old. I always loved the energy of the city, and knew my ambitious personality would thrive here. My first few days as a New Yorker were hard. I cried a lot, missed my family and wanted to go home to Texas. I was afraid I wasn’t actually cut out for this city, afraid I wasn’t bold enough or independent enough. These fears shocked me, because I have always considered myself to be very bold and independent.

If I’ve learned anything in the time I’ve been here, it’s that your dreams will scare you. They’ll terrify you and make your heart race. Fear can’t and shouldn’t stop you, especially from achieving your dreams. I currently am living out a dream of mine and working for a tremendously inspiring woman, Rebecca Minkoff. Something she said helped me while getting used to my new life here in New York.

“It is so important to be a fearless leader, even when faced with uncertainty. You are the only one who knows how fast your heart is beating. To the outsider, be fearless.” – Rebecca Minkoff

Welcome to New York | The Lipstick Tales

There’s a voice inside my head that keeps saying “you can’t do this, this city isn’t for you.” Every time I hear that voice, I go back and look at this picture above and think, “I can’t let her down.” I can’t imagine the excitement she’d have if little three year old Hunter could see me now. If I threw in the towel over a little bit of fear, I would disappoint her. I didn’t come here to be afraid. I came here to accomplish things that I’ve worked all of my recent life for, and to love every second of it.

I’ve now been here for almost a month, and while it has taken a lot of adjustment, it is feeling more and more like home. I’ve already had such amazing experiences, and while I still miss home, I wake up each morning with excitement of new adventures this city will offer me. There’s an energy in this city unlike any other. If you’ve never experienced it, get here ASAP.

So, for everyone wondering “How’s New York?” It’s amazing, wonderful and everything I hoped it would be. Also, it’s cold. Come visit if you can!


  1. You’re a Wuensche and you’re going to be famous for all the right reasons! Your great, great grandfather could help take San Juan hill as a rough rider with Teddy Roosevelt, New York City will be a piece of cake for a strong Princess like you!

  2. Hunter,

    As I watched you grow from a darling little girl to the beautiful young lady you are today, I noticed many a time that you always knew what you wanted how you wanted it and then you went after it. You’ll do just great in New York.
    I admire you!

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